Our Vineyard

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A family tradition

From vine in clusters in the previous century to wire-trained vines of today, four generations of this family passionate about wine have contributed to the growth and development of vineyards belonging to the Michel family.
The adventure started in the 19th century with Paul Michel (1860-1936) who was the first to harvest the grapes and bottle the wines in 1912. He was followed by Raymond Michel (1902-1971) who developed the manipulation techniques and extended the production of Champagne as well as the area under grape production.
Lastly, José Michel, winegrower from 1955, a visionary uncompromising regarding quality, adapted each of the three grape varieties of the Champagne region to soil conditions and ideal exposure that can bring the best results.
The family tradition is bound to continue, with three sons and five grandchildren.
Wine making is one of the oldest arts that reflects not only the character of the terroir but also the talents of the wine grower. José Michel has understood this since a very long time.
Proud of his traditional knowledge acquired over four generations, José Michel closely watches over each stage of the production, from pressing to disgorging, from dosing to shipping operations.

Legal notices / Credits
The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health - to consumed with moderation.